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In this page you will find picture(s), Link(s) to other websites to help you understand, and ther is also a mind map to show you what I think Word Indetification is all about, so have fun looking for information!

Word Identification helps you if you are stuck on a word and you just can't the defenition by you own, you can. You should just use this strategy.
  • First you should say out loud three or four times the word you have hardto understand.
  • Than if thta can't help you can prefix, suffix, or a stem.
  • If that can't help you blend the word and cut them up in pieces and say them slowly.
  • If that can't help you look up the word in the dictionary.
  • And lat if you can't find the word in the dictionary than you can ask someone for help.

Here are some websites outside wikispaces from google about Word Identification $trategy, Good Luck!

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I'm a Auditory Learner, that means that I use sounds to understand what I'm supposted to do. You can do a test to see what learner you are. Go to: Learner Test

Here are a picture that represent Word Identification from google, Good Luck!

Source: www.how-to-study.com/applebook.gif

Here is a mind map showing what I think Word Identification is all about.