Preparing to study/A GOOD STUDY PLACE

Do you have a good study place? If not, here you will learn all about having a good place to study.
This page talks about what to have on or in your study desk, what is a good study place, inside your study room and more!
And best of all, it will help you prepare for test! So share this useful information with your friends and family and I hope you will learn a lot from this!

There are bullet points for each categorie below.

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Good study place

Bright light...
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  • It's important to have a bright study lamp in your study area.
  • The important thing about bright light is that so you won't have see in discomfort and will be able to look at stuff without a straining your eyes.

No interruptions...

  • The best thing is having no interruptions while studying because then, you will have more concentration on your work.
  • You can put a "DO NOT DISTURB" sign to help be free from distractions.
  • Also, pull off anything that can make a connection to you like your phone or the msn internet connection. It helps!
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Let it be there for you...

· Your study place should be there whenever you need it.
· It wouldn't be advisable to share your study room with others because what if you need it when someone is using it ?. So if you mush share with someone else, try to work out a schedule so both of you can use it with out a hassle and so you know when you will be able to use it.


  • Make sure your chair is not to hard and is not to comfy.
  • According to some people, a chair that is not comfortable will interfere with your studying.
  • But on the other hand, a too comfortable chair can make you fall a sleep! - So try to get one that’s right for you!!

external image Osim_massage.jpgA Too comfortable chair = excample
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· Select a temperature in your room that you will like because sometimes it could get too cold or too hot!
· Also, if its too hot you could fall a sleep and think slower if the other way around.

· Make sure you have all your needed equipment like pencils, pens, markers, etc.
· Its good to have enough storage for your equipment so your desk won't be a clutter.
· Another way to keep a clear desk is to not put not needed things on your desk.
· Get a nice big table so that can fit all your things.

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Learning styles :


What is described on this page will help auditory learners (link to definition) because they can use their auditory learning skills in many ways for this topic. Since auditory learners( link to learning style page) learn best when listening, one of the ways they can learn using their skills is having a tape recorder for the "being prepared and having all the equipment " part of this topic. They can use this tape recorder to record them selves when reviewing notes and playing it back to hear.

Visual Learner: (link to learning style page)

Visual learners (link to definition) learns best when looking at something or when using their eyes. So basically you would get a better understanding of anything when looking at a picture. E.g.: when you read a book you can visualize how everything goes and you would definitely understand the book better!

When you’re making your "good study place", visualize where you would put everything, and it will be easer for you in many ways.

Tactile Learner: (link to learning style page)

This page will also help tactile learners (link to definition) because they learn things when they use their sense of touch. So For example when ever your preparing to study, and your going to study about the parts of a compound light microscope. You might want to have a compound light microscope as your object to prepare to study and it will probably be easer to learn the parts of the microscope. (This also works with other stuff like flowers, light bulb etc.)

To find out your learning style click here!

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