The answers to your tests would be what your teacher said to you during the week. She/he can talk faster than you can write so here are some easy tips about abbreviations that will help you write your notes faster.

Many words are common abbreviations that you hear everyday or see on signs. Here are some examples:

  • Department= dept
  • Doctor= dr
  • Junior= Jr
  • Mathematics= math
  • Introduction= intro.

If you have a long word write only the beginning for example:

  • Different= diff.
  • Elementary= elem
  • Population= pop
  • Separate= sep
  • Hippopotamus= hippo

When you have a word with lots of vowels leave out the vowels for example:

  • Century= cntry
  • Mountain= Mntn
  • Reason= rsn
  • Popular= pplr
  • Quality=qlty

When using one-syllable words use the first and last letters of the words for example:

  • Quart= qt
  • Tick= tk
  • Girl= gl
  • Night=NT
  • Link= LkAbbreviations.gif

This would help a tactile learner if they hold something related to abbrevations. An auditory learner would whisper the abbreviations to them selves. A visual learner could write down the abbreviations and look and read them in there heads.

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Here are some helpful websites that will help you with abbreviations:
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