Learning Style

Here you will your learn about your Learning Style and how to use it for an advantage in school.

There are three learning styles...
  • Auditory Learner
  • Kinesthetic Learner
  • Visual Learner

If you are an Auditory Learner, you can use this an advantage in school by listening to the teacher or by rereading your notes aloud. Auditory learner means that you learn better by listening and hearing and you can use this strength to communicate with others.

If you are a Kinesthetic Learner, you could learn better by rewriting notes. You should also write notes during class, which would also help you to learn better.

If you are a Visual Learner, you use this as an advantage in school by looking at something already done (an example) and by writing your notes during class.

Remember to tell your parents what learner you are, so that they can help you study......;)

Why is important for you to know what learner you are????
It is important for you to know what learner you are, because then you can use this in school work and even more in tests!!! This can be an easier way of studying and you can save time. It is also imporatant because you can learn more using your learning style in less time than you usually take.
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