On this page, you will learn about the REDW strategy, which can help you to understand the information in our reading assignments.

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Reading Comprehension Strategy REDW

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Read the whole paragraph to get an idea of what the paragraph is about. You might find it helpful to whisper the words while you read to get a picture in your mind of what you are reading. Once you have a main idea of what the paragraph is about, go onto the next step.

  • You can picture what's happening in the paragraph in your head to get a better understanding for it.


Examine each sentence in the paragraph to identify the important words that tell what the sentence is about. Ignore the words that ar not needed to tell you what the sentence is about. If you are allowed, draw a lone through the words that should be ignored. For each sentence, write on a sheet of paper the words that tell you what the sentence is about.

  • You can concentrate on the words that tell you what's hapening in the book and imagine what's happening in your head.


Reread the words you wrote for each sentence in the paragraph. Decide which sentence has the words that you wrote that describes the main idea for the paragraph. These words are the main idea of the paragaph. The sentence that have these words is the topic sentence. The other words you wrote are the supporting details for the main idea.
  • Think if the words really describe the sentence if they don't cross them out, think about the words that describe the sentence.

Write the main idea for each paragrpah in your notebook. This will provide you with a written record of the most important ideas you learned. This written record will be helpful if you have to take a test for the book you read.
  • If you have a book report about the book , use your notes to help you write what the book is about, your notes will be a big help and you may gain a good score for the report.