Taking Notes

On this page you will learn about note taking in class. This page will help you to understand how to note take and when and how you should do it. Read this page now and you will learn how to be the best note taker in your class. At the bottom you will see a mind map that I have done to help you understand better how to note take. Tell your friends and family!!Show them this page so they will know how to note take effectively aswell.

  • Before class get your notes ready from the last class.
  • Review notes from your last class.
  • Bring all the note making material that you need.
  • Keep your attention focused on the teacher so you know what to write for your notes.
  • Write quickly so you can include more things. For example use abbreviations such as leaving out vowels, using the first letters or the first and last letters. (Look at the bottom of the page for more info.)
  • Place question mark (?) where you don't understand something.
  • After class review the notes and write them properly.
  • Make your notes more accurate by answering questions.
  • Make sure you didn't leave out any important information with your friends and classmates.

external image notes.gif
More info on abbreviations

These are the common abbreviations that you can use:

Write just the beggining of a long word:

diferent = diff
hippopotamus = hippo

Leave out the vowels of the word:

century = cntry
please = pls

This girl is TAKING NOTES!!!!:-)
Or you could could use the first and last letter for one syllable words:


  • Make sure you know how to translate the abbreviations into real words!:)

external image notes.gif
For more information look on the page Abbreviations.

This is the picture link: http://www.yorku.ca/cdc/images/notes.gif

Helpful links to other web sites:

http://www.how-to-study.com/Taking Notes in Class.htm
Note pad for notes!!!



This page will help auditory learners because they learn better when they hear things. If the teacher talks then they can listen better and write their notes better as well. Also when they have to rewrite there notes they can read them aloud to see if what they wrote made sense.

Visual Learner

This page will help visual learners because they understand better when they see. If their teacher writes something on the board they can copy it better and after when they rewrite their notes they can reread it to make sure what they wrote made sense.

Tactile Learner

This page will help tactile learners because they learn better when they touch. If they are doing an assignment then they should use some thing that has to do with it like a bike, you can see all the parts for it.