Test Anxiety

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Test Anxiety.
Test Anxiety happens to most of us when we are going to have a test. Test anxiety is when you are nervous, and you think that you are going to fail on your test, even though you studied for 10 hours......

How do you know if you have Test Anxiety????
  • You have a hard time to get started studying for a test.
  • When studying for a test, I find many things distracting.
  • You are negative about a test and your score.
  • When taking a test, I experience physical discomforts like-: sweaty palms, an upset stomach, head aches, difficultly in breathing, and tension in my muscles.
  • When taking a test, I feel confused.
  • When taking a test, I find it hard to think.
  • When taking a test, I often have to "draw a blank".
  • When taking a test, I find my mind wondering off.
  • I usually score lower on a test than daily assignments.
  • After the test, I remember things I couldn't recall during the test.

If you have more than four things here, you probably have Test Anxiety....

Here are some tips to help you if you think that you have Test Anxiety!!!!
  • Think positive that you will get a good grade.
  • Sleep well the night before and eat a healthy breakfast try to stay away form junk food.
  • Drink water, because it refreshes your brain.
  • Stay calm during the test even though you think it's hard.
  • Don't worry about other students finishing first.
  • Once you turn it in, forget about it for the time being and think POSITIVE!
  • Follow the plan for the DETER strategy you have on the navigation bar.
* When the test is graded and handed to you, check it and learn from your mistakes. And just study harder and do better next time.
  • Follow the instructions given on the paper read it carefully.
If you follow these tips you will not have test anxiety.

Learning Style.
If you are an Auditory Learner you can reread your notes and breathe slowly and relax.
If you are a Visual Learner just look over your textbook's images.
If you are a Kinesthetic Learner rewrite your notes.

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