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Here you will find out how to use Direction Words in Essay Test Items vocabulary words.
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If you look at the words, you find that some of them, are same as the other ones, but have to show represent it in a different way.

  • Analyze: Tells you to break something down into its parts and show how the parts relate to each other to make one thing.
Ex. Analyze the the factors that are the numbers of 90

  • Compare: Tells you to show how two or more things are both similar and different.
Ex. Compare the difference between the China and Unites States

  • Contrast: Tells you to show how two things or more are different.
Ex. Contrast the republican and democratic political

  • Define: Tells you to explain the meaning of something in a brief.
Ex. Define what is meant by "this is the life."

  • Describe: Tells you to present a full and detailed picture of something in words to include important characteristics.
Ex.Describe the image of how to live in a desert.

  • Diagram: Tells you to illustrate something by drawing a picture if it and labeling its parts.
Ex. Diagram a model of a ship

  • Evaluate: Tells you to present both the positive and negative characteristics of something.
Ex. Evaluate the impact of rap music on Americaon youth

  • Explain: Tells you to provide facts and reasons to make something clear and understandable.
Ex. Explain why you decided to do this category.

  • Justify: Tells you to provide reasons and facts in support of something.
Ex. Justify the need for the school supplies

  • Outline: Tells you to present the most important information about something in a carefully organized manner.
Ex. Outline what it takes to have good grade.

  • Summarize: Tells you to present the main points about something in a brief form.
Ex. Summarize the book about Lincon you just read.

  • Trace: Tells you to present the order in which something happened
Ex. Trace the events what happened in Iraq.

Now that you have read the words, and it's definitions, you may use them to help them at your study time.

This is the picture of analzing. This is guy is analzing the map of some country.
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